Symptoms are expressed in the mind as well as in the body, and every individual has a different way of expressing these. For example, person A who is suffering from headache which is located on the left side of his head and relieved by hard pressure on the site and on the other hand another person B who has a right sided headache, that worsens by pressure. Person A may be a sensitive and soft hearted individual and person B on the other hand may be strong willed and shrewd in nature. Thus these two individuals would need two different medicines for their complaint of headache. Everyone of us is unique and thus requires a different medicine. These medicines have no side effects, are safe and bring about a gentle cure.It has been found that the person who is administered the medicine for an ailment not only is cured of the illness, but develops long lasting resistance and improves his general health. This was the most important finding and one would appreciate how this helps us to understand the role of Homoeopathy in maintaining mental health. Thus, early complaints like loss of sleep due to some worry, impatience and irritation due to pressure of work, loss of concentration due to anxiety of performance etc. are every person’s experiences at some time or the other. These tend to interfere in our experience of harmony, health and happiness. We are obviously not mentally ill but we are not quite up to the mark. Yoga and meditation would be the obvious choice. But not all get the opportunity to learn and practice these disciplines. It is under these circumstances that the correct homoeopathic medicine will do wonders. And that is what we see in exam related anxieties of students, grief reactions after our near ones pass on or distress after some disappointments.

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