Visited For Allergic Rhinitis

I used to have difficulty in breathing at night. I started taking the medicines provided by doctor and within 2 months the problem got cured. The doctor is very friendly and patiently heared my problems during every visit.​


I must say this doctor have lots of patience to listen to the patient condition and explains politely..*** ********* ** ********** **** *** *********** *** currently under treatment for PCOS ... Thank you For your treatment . Regards<br><b> Syeda Amreen (Verified)</b>

Voice Problem

I Am Nagaraja D My voice problem was 10 years ago. I've been using homeopathic treatment for 3 months and now I think the sound has changed so much. Dr Madhavi Latha madam has given this treatment, is always grateful Regards Nagaraja D

Visited For Bronchitis Treatment

The doctor is very patient and tries to listen to your problems patiently. The best part is that she gives ample time to every patient. She has been very helpful in treating me for my respiratory issues.
Megha agarwal

Gastritis and severe headaches

I consulted her for gastritis and severe headaches that I used to get frequently. With the medication that I received I am completely fine and my health has improved a lot. My thyroid levels are also under control. She is approachable and listens to us very patiently. She is always available on phone in case of an emergency. In fact, she is our family doctor now 👍.


I first consulted her when my elder kid was 1 year old. She was diagnosed with tonsillitis for second time, within 3 months and under allopathic treatment. She was having high fever and was not able to take food or medicine. Doctor's treatment brought down the fever *** *********** ** * **** *** ******* * ****** *** *** ********** ****** Her treatment also helped me in controlling thyroid during my 2nd pregnancy.she also treated me for my skin allergies and my daughter for her adenoids. I am consulting with her for the past 6 years for any of my family for even the small ailments.she's always approachable,caring,a very good listener and provide valuable advices.Always felt like we are in safe hands