There is a lot of study material found on the net regarding this tiny structure present in the human body so why am I writing another report?
The reason is that this tiny butterfly shaped gland deserves a lot of respect and attention as it ensures a
healthy life in general . I am going to highlight the good effects of Homoeopathy in tackling Hypothyroid
(poor functioning of the gland).
We help the patient to wean away successfully from levothyroxine and ensure that the thyroid gland is
in a state of euthyroid(normal) forever.There is no necessity to take chemical based thyroxine tablets
through out life.Its been observed that certain effects of hypothyroid like lethargy,obesity , irregular
bowel movement , irregular menstrual cycle in women etc are not attended to by levothryoxine.i.e the
effects of poor functioning of thyroid gland continues to be maintained.This is where Homeopathy steps
in ,to help the patient recover completely.

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