Why Permacure Homeo Clinic ?

Permacure is a homeopathic clinic which has gained a steady reputation of treating patients with a focus of not just alleviating their symptoms but rooting out the underlying condition and enhancing the patient’s immunity. This integrated approach regards successful treatment of the original condition as a significant milestone but in addition also focusses on reduction of stress and improvement of overall health and lifestyle.

With an attached pharmacy to ensure availability of various medications, a comfortable ambience and most importantly a physician who is willing to provide the necessary attention to patient queries, answer clarifications before arriving at an effective course of treatment, Permacure has seen tremendous success in various common and rare disease conditions, not just in patients attuned to earlier homeopathic remedies but also those who are not satisfied with conventional treatment methods. The experience and response to treatment among women and young children has been particularly successful and rewarding. Along the way, Permacure has made its contribution in helping correct many misconceptions about homeopathic treatment, clearly demonstrating that barring certain skin conditions, most of our treatment show results in the near term.